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Do you have a favorite rock in your field or yard that you’d love to turn into an address stone or engrave the name of your ranch on? Well, you’re in luck!

We are able to use our sandblasting equipment to engrave lettering and carvings on most landscape stones (also known as field stones). The process is very similar to that of engraving memorials with one important exception: memorials stones are smooth and field stones are not. Because of this, we are limited regarding the detail of images and sizes of font we can engrave on most field stones.

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Important Considerations

When a customer comes to us with a stone they would like us to carve, there are a few important considerations to make.

Tea Area Lightning Bolt Family Memorials by Gibson Landscape Stones
How Big is the Stone?

The size of the stone determines many things. The first is whether or not we will be able to bring the stone into our shop to blast or will we have to send someone out to do it on location. The size also plays a large role in the cost of our services, the bigger the stone, the more it is going to cost, even if the number of letters doesn’t change. This is due to the fact that large stones take significantly more stencil, glue, sand, and time to complete.

How Rough is the Stone?

The smoother the part of the stone you’d like to engrave the better. We are able to engrave on relatively rough surfaces, but if the stone is too rough, it won’t work. The reason is it becomes impossible to glue our stencil to every nook and crevasse. Once we start sandblasting the sand will get into the little air pockets and blow the stencil out. This leads to rounded corners and edges and can cause the lettering to become unreadable.

Does the Stone have any Noticeable Cracks?

Fieldstones are not as materially uniform as granite, therefore, there are often large cracks and fissures running through them. They are a natural product and sometimes consist of multiple types of rocks all stuck together. They’ve also been moving around in the earth for a long time before they worked up…not to mention getting smashed into by a tractor out in a field! If there are noticeable cracks and fissures it will make it much more likely that large chunks of the stone may break off during the sandblasting process and prevent us from being able to use that particular stone.

Our number one priority is to create a beautiful piece of art for you, so if there is a chance the stone may break or prevent us from creating a sharp looking etching, we’ll most likely tell you we won’t be able to do the job on that particular stone.

Let’s Get to Work on Your Field Stone

Welcome Bear Memorials by Gibson Landscape Stones

If you have a stone you’d like us to work on, please give us a call so we can send someone out to look at it!

Pricing on fieldstones usually has to be done in person since there are so many variables that need to be taken into consideration.

We have many landscape stones of all shapes, sizes, and colors on our lot our at our shop for you to check out as well! If you want to see them in person, please give us a call at the number below or submit a note through our website on the left.

We look forward to creating custom-designed landscape stones for your home, farm, school, or business!

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