Elegant Jet Black Stone with Sanded Columns


This beautiful stone memorializing Donald & Phyllis Jerke is located in the Oak section of the Woodlawn Cemetery in Sioux FallsSouth Dakota.


The Story

A quick glance at this stone will review the story captured in stone by the Jerke family. The front contains basic biographical information: family name, given names, middle initials, maiden name, nickname, birth dates, and a death date. All of the lettering on this stone is done in the frosted bar style.

Accompanying the biographical information is a cross on the upper left corner. This demonstrated the prominent role their Christian faith had in their lives together.

On the back, there are two laser scenes: one of a soaring eagle and another of a classic car next to snow-covered pine trees. Although simple, these images give us insight into the passions they have/had in their lives.


The Stone

The stone itself is a simple yet surprisingly elegant design on a piece of imported Jet Black granite.

The die is 4.5ft. wide, 2.5ft. tall, and 8in. deep. It has a custom serpentine top with rounded and sanded columns on either side. Except for the columns, it is all polished.

The matching base is 5ft wide, 8in tall, and 1ft 2in deep with rounded ends to match the columns on the die. It has a polished top with balanced rock pitch along the sides.

The monument is accompanied by a Jet Black 1ft 2in x 1ft 2in x 1ft all polished vase with 3in. of rock pitch along the bottom.


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