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3 Generations of Memories in Stone

A memory in stone is a memory forever

When you call Family Memorials by Gibson, you'll reach one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain one-on-one service, because that's what being a small, family-owned business is all about.


Each of our memorials is handcrafted and carefully designed to meet your every expectation. We're not in the business of mass production - we're in the business of providing you with personalized attention for a lasting memorial you will never forget.

Quality memorials and personalized service

Family Memorials by Gibson is a small business that cares about you.

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Family Memorials by Gibson has been handling the cemetery needs of families for more than 3 generations.


Even before we were born, our great-grandfather Forest, was polishing monuments by hand. We are Michael, Maria and Tony. We are 3rd generation Gibson’s.


Family is everything to us! This is a thought that is with us every moment of every day as parents and as 3rd generation Gibson’s.


For years we have been saying we are a “Family Business." We would like to take a few minutes and explain what that means to us. To start, it means that we do not report to a group of stock holders or a board of directors. The decisions we make come down to caring for people like you and your loved ones.


This is not what the financial analysts like to hear, and quite frankly, it doesn’t always mean doing what is easy. But when we go to bed at night, we know that we are doing the right thing. It also means that every cemetery memorial we create is made with an ethical commitment that our family makes to every family we assist. You can feel comfortable with the trust that you have given us over the past 3 generations, and for generations to come.  You can trust that your loved one's memorials are made with your family in mind and their memory etched in stone will remain forever.


When we help a family create a memory in stone, we gain friends and they feel like family to us. Family is more than just a relation to us - it is an inspiration, an inspiration to care and to do what is right.


Times may have changed since our great grandfather was polishing stones so many years ago, but the inspiration remains exactly the same.

Tony, Mike and Maria

Family Service.

Great Prices.

Hand-made quality.

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